A Bold First Step . . .

Hey Everyone.

My name is Alger C. Newberry III and obviously this is my blog.  Now that I’ve broken the ice and introduced myself I suppose I should tell you what you are in for if you decide you want to read my blog.   I am a ravenous comic book geek, which will come as no surprise to those who know me.  Come every Wednesday I can be found wearing a different Lantern t-shirt (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, etc.) with the corresponding ring. When I wear the Yellow shirt for the Sinestro Corps, I wear the ring on my left hand despite the fact that I am right handed, and wear all the other rings on the right hand when wearing the other seven shirts.  Yeah, I am that dedicated . . .  If you see me on Wednesday without said shirts and rings on, woe betide you because that means I either was unable to get my new books that day or they got pushed back by a holiday.  Either way, I am like junkie in withdrawal and you best be careful around me cause someone may get cut!

Item number two, I have had a falling out with Marvel comics so rarely will I read one.  Primarily my tastes are DC comics, supplemented by the Indie companies.  My interests are varied.  I just like good storytelling.  Unfortunately, as of the past couple years it is my opinion that Marvel falls outside of that purview.

I have made it a hobby to review the comics I read weekly and send those reviews to friends that regard my opinions favorably when choosing titles to buy themselves.  Some have strong armed me into starting this blog to get the word out on what I think of the books that are coming out, and so here I am.  If you love comics like I do, or just have a passing interest I hope you will read what I think and take it under consideration.  In no way am I narcissistic enough to think myself and my opinions the absolute facts on the matter, but I will support my opinions with the assertion that I have been reading and studying comics and their history both recreationally in my spare time and academically in college.  I am fairly knowledgeable and if you read my blog I am sure you will see what I mean.

So I hope you enjoy what you see.  I hope that you feel my passion in the words I write about the comics I choose to read, and then go forth and seek out those stories.  Heck, I hope that some of you disagree with me and give me your perspectives so that I can learn what I might be missing and better round out my opinions.   I am both scared and overwhelmed by the possibilities that this new venture opens up in one of the things that gives me so much pleasure.

If you are reading this, thank you you for validating what up until now has been a fair isolated hobby of mine.